Tactical Radio Silence and the War in the Water

Posted on December 8, 2008



Radio silence can be deafening.

Even when the airwaves are abuzz with stories of the Falling Sky, there is some comfort in the white noise between the words. The indication of the existence of other life forms.

Radio Silence warps those notions. It can be disorienting and cause inordinately rough waters. Tactically speaking, it is necessary but should also be viewed as proof of movement in the enemy camp.

When the airwaves are suddenly silent, awareness of impending change is peaked. Any sudden sense of doom or dread is a warning and should be heeded as such.

We have been at war in the Water World for a very long time. Decades, even. We understand the need to break patterns, tune out, turn off, shut down (mentally, physically), separate, cease communication, work it out, and then return… or not.

We are used to internal battles and have become deft at sensing the possibility of adversarial confrontation (internally or externally.) We are avid non-confrontationalists.

Still, we have feelings of curiosity. When Others deal in tactical warfare, we wonder… in spite of ourselves. In spite of the depth of our understanding. And we hate it. We like control and at these depths, complete obstruction of signals is gnarly, indeed.

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