About the Girl

Update (07/09):

California beach baby, who left her heart in New York City, while pursuing her soul (barefoot)…

Each and every day she seeks…steadfastly searching the waters 2700 miles from anything at all…

She spends her days feeding her gypsy spirit, and is currently unsure if she actually wishes to find that which she claims to be looking for…

She is, however, happy to report that bathing suits are now the ‘everyday standard.’


California beach baby living in the East. Residing on the water and not spending nearly enough time in it. Half surf child, half city urchin. Praying for the day when bathing suits are the every day standard instead of vacation gear. Enticed by life and what it all means, and trying to be brilliant whilst figuring it out. These are the thoughts and the obsessions that represent my quest.

Drinking in life and the wonder of it all.

With love and respect,

Girl of the Water

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