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Concessions, Transistions, Acceptance and Exit Strategies

Posted on November 4, 2008

I hand the poll worker ballot card #402 and cast my ballot on the “B” line. 30 seconds later, Spouse of the Water hands the same man ballot card #403 and promptly cancels me out. That’s an hour of time we’ll never see again, but we exit the polling place with a sense of gratitude and purpose.

I have openly expressed my allegiance to the GOP (if only fiscally), but I too am slightly intrigued by our 44th President-elect. I only hope that we voted for that which we believed to be correct. I hope that we did not vote along color lines. I hope that we did not “rise up” to overthrow White-y just because Chris Rock told us to. I hope that we elected substance and not symbolism.

Per usual, I digress.

I recently posted that I’d been forced to acknowledge my Funk. I’ve been in a bad spot. Angry and fighting the tide. Transition was imminent. For once the concession to reality is made and acceptance filters through, the seedlings of change are planted.

So, I quit. I remembered my blessings. I remembered that I had to be responsible for me and that no-one would pick up my internal slack if I could not be bothered to do so.

I crafted a unifying resignation e-mail and attempted to cultivate a fair and reasonable exit strategy. Then I requested a meeting with the Elders Partners. This was met with what can only be classified as petulance and ire…which of course, only served to stoke my holier-than-thou attitude. The next day, I march into the office in my highest “I will kick your ass if you so much as glance at me with anything other than sheer reverence” heels and observe the pall which has befallen the company that I had once courted so ferociously.

And I am again filled with gratitude. Unlike other lame duck employees, I have chosen my fate. I will stay the course and exit with dignity and grace. I will channel Senator McCain. I will remember that losing the battle for that which you believe in, often opens the door to shepard in a new day. And I will welcome that day with a spirit and gusto that I had feared I’d lost at sea.

Bringer of the Dawn

Bringer of the Dawn

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Little Miss Bossy, Meet Little Miss Helpful

Posted on October 7, 2008

I have a completely visceral love for the “Little Miss and Mr. Men” books. I was once the proud owner of the entire series, and had a special fondness for Little Miss Helpful and Little Miss Scatterbrain. Over time and multiple address changes, like most loves from childhood, my prized collection was dispersed in various basements or charity bound boxes and eventually exited my world and mind. And then 2005 rolls around Paris Hilton landed on the cover of In Touch with Little Miss Spoiled emblazoned on her chest and all hell broke loose. Little Miss Naughty! Little Miss Christmas! Little-Miss-you-are-warping-my-childhood-memories-into-tawdry-trash-sold-for-36-dollars-at-Urban-Freakin-Outfitters!

Still, the actual books hold a special place in my soul. Thus, when I saw them near the checkout at Barnes and Noble a couple of Christmases ago, I jumped at the chance to expose Spouse of the Water to my lost childhood love. I’d practically skipped down 5th Avenue, once again in proud possession of Mr. Tall (for him) and Little Miss Helpful (for me). He thought they were cute, especially when I told him that my favorite part of Little Miss Helpful was when she ties Mr. Tall’s shoes together and he falls down and gets hurt (because when you’re as tall as Mr. Tall, it’s a long way down). She feels horrid. She was only trying to help.

Today, I am still Little Miss Helpful.  But sometimes another Little Miss creeps into my being…Little Miss Bossy. She likes it her way and though I try to be “open” in general, there are simply a few things I like the way I like ‘em. Is that so awful?

So this evening, the Spouse and I try to talk politics. Bad move. “More Government” he says “WHAT?” I shriek, “You’re kidding” Spouse: “I have told you this million times” Me: “Really? Cus THIS is not the reaction of someone who has been told something a million times” Spouse:”No, this is the reaction of a crazy person!” “Besides, the government caused 9/11…” (Ok, so why oh why would you want THEM in Totalitarian control? Just Asking). I felt like he’d punched me in the gut.

Whatever… all a moot point now. I remember why I never, never, never talk politics. Sigh. So, with no positive end of this disagreement in sight, Little Miss Helpful and Mr. Tall let their alter-ego’s Little Miss Bossy and Mr. Stubborn duke it out in the center ring, while they chill in the corner wondering if Little Miss Canada and Mr. Sweden know more than they are typically given credit for…

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Just Sayin’

Posted on September 4, 2008

I dig John McCain and all, but his did his awkward wave during Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech seem scarily Papal to anyone else?

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Conversations From the Lunch Table

Posted on September 2, 2008

It is the first day back at work from a long and lazy holiday weekend. The normally hectic pace round the Ad Agency which houses my office, seems just a smidge sluggish and reflective of the general reluctance to hop back into normalcy cold turkey. The lunch table in the kitchen area is far more crowded than is typical on a Tuesday and it’s six or so inhabitants seem to linger despite their empty take-out boxes. The conversation is lively and covers a variety of topics from boozy weekend escapades to the Gossip Girl premier. Then it turns to politics. And even from my desk, I sense a palpable change in the air. With no thought that there could POSSIBLY be any among them with differing opinions, the initiators of the dialogue openly chide McCain and his Vice Presidential pick. Bolstered by the news that very-Pro Life Sarah Palin’s daughter has apparently gotten pregnant and dropped out of high school, the Conservative detractors are overjoyed and reveling in the misfortune (how un-Liberal!)
The part that struck me was not the anti-Republican sentiment (I live in NYC, for crying out loud) but the seeming complete lack of awareness that there might be Others lurking. Others with a slightly more moderate take on the situation. And moreover that we Others are so locked in the political closet because of our industry, geographic location, age group and other social factors that not one of us (and I have it on solid authority that there were at LEAST four of us present) said a word. No one piped up, no one played devil’s advocate, no one dared incite debate. Too risky. We mustn’t create waves. We will not be tolerated. We will be ejected from the premises immediately, and asked not to return.
This seems extreme but it’s actually not far from the truth. In this day and age of Political Correct-ness, when did shunning an entire faction of the populous, become socially and morally acceptable?

In the very accurate words of The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck: “It seems to be that you can only have one opinion in this country right now.”

On a separate but related note, I do think it’s rad that Barack Obama chose John McCain (read- comforting old, white dude) as his running mate and John McCain chose Hilary Clinton (read- polarizing young, white woman) as his.

I do hereby invite John McCain, Sarah Palin, Ms. Palin's daughter and her unborn child to lunch. We will speak freely and scoot over should anyone else choose to join... even if they have differing viewpoints.

I do hereby invite John McCain, Sarah Palin, Ms. Palin's daughter and her unborn child to lunch. We will speak freely and scoot over should anyone else choose to join... even if they have differing viewpoints.

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