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“Waifish Little Wanderer”

Posted on November 26, 2008



My Mother signed off of our phone conversation today by affectionately calling me her “waifish little wanderer.”

She has no idea.

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Droplets of Happiness

Posted on November 12, 2008

Re-reading books I’ve highlighted. Only reading the highlights. Ironic thoughts. Iconic people. Walks in Central Park with a hot soft pretzel and vintage sunglasses. Moments in Wonderland. Knots in my hair which remind me of childhood or Summer. Problem Solving (for others). Marinating on problems (of my own). Hollywood Regency. Thomas Haines Elbow chair. Modernism. Finding new friends in people you’ve known for years. The fact that it was ok for Huey Lewis to sing about his desire to explore other drug options. And define exactly what he wanted from it. Accents. Fabric. Summer covered in sand, lost in the sky.

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Concessions, Transistions, Acceptance and Exit Strategies

Posted on November 4, 2008

I hand the poll worker ballot card #402 and cast my ballot on the “B” line. 30 seconds later, Spouse of the Water hands the same man ballot card #403 and promptly cancels me out. That’s an hour of time we’ll never see again, but we exit the polling place with a sense of gratitude and purpose.

I have openly expressed my allegiance to the GOP (if only fiscally), but I too am slightly intrigued by our 44th President-elect. I only hope that we voted for that which we believed to be correct. I hope that we did not vote along color lines. I hope that we did not “rise up” to overthrow White-y just because Chris Rock told us to. I hope that we elected substance and not symbolism.

Per usual, I digress.

I recently posted that I’d been forced to acknowledge my Funk. I’ve been in a bad spot. Angry and fighting the tide. Transition was imminent. For once the concession to reality is made and acceptance filters through, the seedlings of change are planted.

So, I quit. I remembered my blessings. I remembered that I had to be responsible for me and that no-one would pick up my internal slack if I could not be bothered to do so.

I crafted a unifying resignation e-mail and attempted to cultivate a fair and reasonable exit strategy. Then I requested a meeting with the Elders Partners. This was met with what can only be classified as petulance and ire…which of course, only served to stoke my holier-than-thou attitude. The next day, I march into the office in my highest “I will kick your ass if you so much as glance at me with anything other than sheer reverence” heels and observe the pall which has befallen the company that I had once courted so ferociously.

And I am again filled with gratitude. Unlike other lame duck employees, I have chosen my fate. I will stay the course and exit with dignity and grace. I will channel Senator McCain. I will remember that losing the battle for that which you believe in, often opens the door to shepard in a new day. And I will welcome that day with a spirit and gusto that I had feared I’d lost at sea.

Bringer of the Dawn

Bringer of the Dawn

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What’s With All the STUFF, Hilo Hattie?

Posted on October 13, 2008

Distraction is key.

When I couldn’t buy one more flip flop or bikini in preparation for our Hawaii trip, we decided to move. When we decided to move, the new place necessitated paint. And preparation. And faux antiquities. And when even I couldn’t stomach spending one more dollar on a mosaic mirror or clay red dishes, we left for the afore mentioned Hawaii trip. And we wore our flip-flops and bikinis and returned to the mainland to settle into our, um…stuff.

But as I said, distraction is key and my seemingly endless supply is running short.

The stuff isn’t helping anymore and I’ve noticed that which I could ignore before, is now splashing against my consciousness as the waves do the rocks. Constant. Unrelenting. Eroding all that I’d come to pretend I valued.

Spouse of the Water believes that the rebel soul can only be contained for so long before it rebels against its container. I believe he may be correct and I’m strangely grateful. My soul had been distracted by stuff. Tres Hilo Hattie.

Hawaiian performer, Clarissa Haili became known as Hilo Hattie after popularizing the song “When Hilo Hattie Does the Hula Hop”. She enjoyed fame and it’s trappings but apparently never lost her Aloha Spirit. Never forgot who she was and where she came from. She even lent her name to a “souvenir” shop of sorts, which boasts the largest selection of Aloha Shirts and Made In Hawaii fashion, gifts, shotgalsses and muumuu’s anywhere. Oddly, the only “thing” we bought from a Hilo Hattie store was directions. Funny how I didn’t crave stuff or distraction in Hawaii.

I wonder if Ms. Hattie would be happy with the way her store has been developed and her memory altered. After all, she died in 1979. And a lot can happen in 29 years. I should know.

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