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My Five Step Plan Towards the Eradication of Brain Atrophy

Posted on September 23, 2008

Mushiness of the brain is an issue that millions suffer from and few care enough to fight. It’s not our fault anymore. I mean it WAS our fault back in the summer of 2000 when we were a nation obsessed with Survivor: Borneo. And in 2002, when Justin v. Kelly in the finale of American Idol Season One was as big an issue as McCain v. Obama, today. You see, back then we had a choice. And it was YOU, my fellow Americans, who chose to indulge the shameless exploitation of your human counterparts, and make it ok for television networks to force feed us live tarantulas (literally) and models who can’t walk, but can say the word “bitch”  nine times per episode.

At first I railed against this embarrassment of mankind, and turned off my television. I was also living in Los Angeles, so I was able to indulge my celeb curiosity at the local Coffee Bean without supporting the evil Reality TV empire.
Alas, things are different today. You see, we have no choices now. Even the more “reputable” networks: ABC, NBC, and CBS place moral abominations Extreme Makeover, The Apprentice, and Big Brother squarely in the middle of the their scripted show schedule, so as to make complete avoidance a nearly impossible feat.

Still, in spite of all of my hesitations and feelings that I was wasting chunks of time that I would never see again, night after night, Spouse of the Water and I would hunker down, my computer on my lap and distractedly half-focus on almost married women acting beastly and overweight people exercising wildly and eating Jennie-O Lean Ground Turkey Breast. I voiced my frustration with the repetitive nature of this cycle, but we found it impossible to completely unplug.

Then, through a series of events which were not necessarily intentional, we found ourselves in a new home with no cable. Not one, single station. Odder still, we are over the moon happy. We relate. We laugh. Lots. We discuss, we cry, we plan, and we know that our lives are rad . Eff you Big Brother! I’ll read the book! The REAL Book. For you see, when I am not obligated to enroll in YOUR life, I can live mine. Fer reals.
Addendum for LOST: I will be having DVD’s Tivo’d for me OR I’ll watch on ITunes. I can deal, but it does get sticky.
Loving mind freedom~

Girl of the Water

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Daniel Farraday was DEAD ON….

Posted on September 19, 2008

“The light… it’s strange out here, isn’t it? It’s kind of like, it doesn’t, it doesn’t scatter quite right…” - Daniel Farraday

How right you are Daniel…how right you are. I have ADD…seriously cannot sit still, mind plowing though questions, issues, scenarios, what-if’s at a trillion miles per nano-second. That kind of ADD. UNTIL, I took my ADD on a steller vacay and transported it to the land beyond time, Beyond worry. Beyond anything except “Aloha, See ya in the water, and Mahalo” Oh, and “where is that tremendous flowery smell coming from!!!!????”

Suffice it to say that Maui is the place the Girl and Spouse of the Water must be. The breaths we breathed and the moments we allowed ourselves to become….THAT my friends, is LIFE! And while I will always love well made clothes and silky cutains ith the perfect accent chair or um, hat, I find myself wondering just how important it all really is. I was sick of everything before….mostly sick of myself. Going against myself. Against what I desired to do or say. Against, the knowledge that I had and let go of and needed so desperately to find. I found it there. In that simplest most complex place. I missed you blog. I missed the out pourings nightly (and daily too). But I’m back, Hopefully different, but here nonetheless. I love NY (ESPECIALLY) in the Fall crispness. The smell intoxicates my being. But so does a Maui sunset. Sigh.

Peace Becomes Her

Peace Becomes Her

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