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Droplets of Happiness

Posted on November 12, 2008

Re-reading books I’ve highlighted. Only reading the highlights. Ironic thoughts. Iconic people. Walks in Central Park with a hot soft pretzel and vintage sunglasses. Moments in Wonderland. Knots in my hair which remind me of childhood or Summer. Problem Solving (for others). Marinating on problems (of my own). Hollywood Regency. Thomas Haines Elbow chair. Modernism. Finding new friends in people you’ve known for years. The fact that it was ok for Huey Lewis to sing about his desire to explore other drug options. And define exactly what he wanted from it. Accents. Fabric. Summer covered in sand, lost in the sky.

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Droplets Of Happiness

Posted on October 3, 2008

The Girl was feeling sad a few months back, and decided to turn that sadness into positive thoughts. I carried notebooks and each time I felt blue, I’d add a few more droplets of happiness to my list. Turns out, I wasn’t as despondent as I’d feared. I simply wasn’t focusing right.

These took me months to compile, so I’ll drop them in here and there. Please tell me about your droplets of happiness in a comment. I really want to know… Now, without further adieu, I present The Girl’s Droplets of Happiness…(in no particular order)

Sushi, Disneyland, fluffy cotton-y clouds, silly photos, apple cake, the Secret, God, “Getting” a new skill, baseball games on a NY Spring evening, stuffing at Thanksgiving (yum!), 70’s Style Homes in the Hollywood Hills, Vintage Mercedes Benz, Hawaii with the Spouse, making up songs about seaweed, and hoagies, and pizza… all Hawaiian style. A conversation with my mom that makes her laugh. Like, really laugh. Jeep Wranglers, classic rock, mafia movies, sidewalk cafe’s in April, May, and June, Loft spaces, Lake George, oversized “luxe” shiny society magazines, the smell of the fire place, THOSE nights… you know to which I refer, innocence in a child’s eyes, belly laughs, kelly green Clothing, guacamole, making strangers happy, clever TV writing, the smell of the leather in a Mercedes Benz (new or old).

That’s all you get for now. Now comment me and tell me some things you like to be happy about… I want to borrow them. You can borrow mine too, It’s easy here in water…we’re chill.

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