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Gone Baby Gone

Posted on December 18, 2008

Beware the Beast Beneath...

Beware the Beast Beneath...

I almost didn’t notice her.

The room is packed with people, all wearing varying shades of red and gold and my senses have stopped taking in the individual revelers… they blend and I focus on the canape I’ve been holding for an hour.
The power hungry producer type is speaking at me and I nod and smile in the appropriate spaces. I throw in the occasional “absolutely!” for good measure.

It is then that I see her in my periphery. I swing around but she is gone. My abrupt motion has startled the insipid man who is now expecting an explanation for my lack of focus on his scintillating tale. I feel obligated. “I um, thought I saw someone. Else. Whom I knew. Though, I don’t see them… now. So…sorry. Please, go on.”
He does.

No more than three minutes pass when I feel her again. I dare not turn because I know she is near. Very near. Eye contact near.

Perhaps we will all keep up appearances and pretend that we don’t know. After all, she doesn’t know that I know who she is. But she certainly knows who I am. I would never say a word. But she would. That is just her type. I fear her erratic nature. I fear the fact that I am the only one who knows exactly what this woman is capable of.

Fuck. Why am I still holding this canape? I have to get rid of this wretched appetizer now. NOW. It’s making my hand greasy. And the fat is congealing on the edges which is making me feel uneasy.
I abruptly excuse myself and set off in search of a vessel in which I might rid myself of the offending hors d’oeuvre.
I avert my gaze and shove through the consumption-happy lot. And walk directly into her. BAM!

Realization washes over her beatific smile, and she cocks her head to the side in a most nauseatingly coquettish manner. “Aren’t you…???” she begins. Please. Like you don’t know. She continues… “I don’t believe we’ve actually met, but I’d hoped that we would one day (I’ll bet you did)… I am SHE
I do my best impression of someone who is not repulsed by this interaction. “Oh, Hi! Yes, I’ve heard about you. I mean… I know your work.” Shit, Everything I say has one too many meanings.
She is oblivious and the Stevie Nicks song lyrics flow through my brain “you’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you, don’t you…”

Her laughter interrupts my contemplation “Oh, you are so sweet” (No I’m not) “Honestly though your photos didn’t do you justice. You look like a little DOLL. You should really tell Him to represent you as you deserve…”
It is too much. I am out.
“Lovely to meet you… I really need to…” I’m searching. I am… “I need to get rid of this um, food.” I indicate the ration which is now mushed in the napkin and hiding in my clenched fist.

And I am gone. She yells something about lunch and I do not turn back. She must never see the tears that sting my eyes. A product not of sadness, but a deep rooted contempt that even my most skillfully constructed facade cannot hide.

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This is a pain in my thumb…

Posted on September 22, 2008

Noy ACTUALLY my thumb, but mine looks all bent and disjointed like this one...

Not ACTUALLY my thumb, but mine looks all bent and disjointed like this one...

I’m not being cute. I’m not using a quirky play on words. The Girl can’t type. The Girl can’t write. The Girl can’t do much of anything that involves her dominant hand. The Girl has a gnarly case of Trigger Thumb ( and it is affecting my world. Ironically, this is a water injury. Or rather a “carrying a boogie/ surf board down the beach in Hawaii injury” which has gotten progressively worse since actually leaving Hawaii. Maybe the Girl just needs to grab the Spouse and head for the hills (or mountians) of Hawaii and it’ll heal. On a positive note, the Girl and the Spouse are celebrating one year of marital bliss today and the Girl cannot help but feel uber-grateful to have a man who cooks amazing fish for dinner and pumpkin/ banana pie for desert whilst strictly but lovingly reminding her “not to use that hand!!!!”

In pain and love (often the same),

Girl of the Water

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